What to Expect

When you are bringing your pet to the hospital for surgery, it can be concerning for your family. It’s important for us to help you understand what to expect the day of your pet’s procedure, and ease your concerns. Please feel free to ask questions.

Can my pet eat or drink before surgery?

We ask that your pet not have anything to eat after 10pm the night prior to their procedure. They can have access to their water overnight but they should not have access to water once they wake up in the morning.

What if I just had an examination with the doctor?

In some instances, the doctor may have recently seen you and your pet, and will allow for a direct admit. During a direct admit a technician will have a treatment plan and anesthesia consent form to go over with you and for you to sign. Once completed, the technician will bring your pet to the treatment area where a doctor will do an examination prior to your pet’s surgery.

What if my pet is on medication(s)?

If your pet is currently taking medication(s), please give us a call for further instructions to help you and your pet best prepare for the procedure.

When should I bring my pet in for surgery?

We admit our surgical patients as scheduled on the morning of their procedure, typically between 7:30am and 8am. At this time, you will meet with one of the doctors to discuss your pet’s surgery, and a physical examination will be done of your pet. One of our technicians will go over the anesthesia consent form and treatment plan with you. The treatment plan consists of any procedures and diagnostics associated with the surgery, along with the costs, to help you make the best decisions for your pet’s surgery and safety.

When will my pet go into surgery?

We typically begin our surgical procedures mid-morning and they continue into the afternoon. Once all of our patients are here for surgery, we can decide in what order the surgeries should be performed. If you need to pick up your pet at a certain time, please let us know so that we can do our best to accommodate your needs. Once your pet’s surgery has been completed, we will contact you to let you know how they are recovering and when the best time would be to pick them up.

Why do I need to bring my pet in so early?

We ask that you bring your pet in the morning so that we may get your pet admitted and do all of your pet’s pre-surgical testing and treatments prior to surgery.